My name is Nate. I’m from New Jersey and I’m working on my PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland. As I am studying to professionally become a nerd, it means that OF COURSE I like statistics (that’s how it works, right?), so that’s what I’m planning to focus on here. The other aspect of this blog, game film analysis is motivated by enjoyment that I got out of reading the late Detroit Lions beat writer Tom Kowalski’s film breakdowns after every game. I always felt like I was getting a behind the scenes look at some of the magic that is so hard to break down from just watching it live.  So there you have it: nerd+lions+NFL Game Rewind= SWEET lions blog. (do kids still say sweet these days? I feel like they say meaner sounding words like nasty or sick)

And last but not least, follow me on twitter @NateWashuta


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ryan Ames says:

    This is fabulous Nate!

  2. efonz says:

    Nice job Nate….I love to look at the things that you don’t notice real time

    I started a Detroit sports blog as well……let me know what you think….


  3. PMaizy says:

    i like it man, keep it goin

  4. Adam says:

    Nate, great job on your Lions blog I laughed my ass off. Anybody that throws out Seinfeld references gets extra credit as well. Would you be interested in contributing your articles to our site intheneutralzone.com? We are getting over 50,000 hits per month and growing, so it would be a good chance for you to gain more exposure. You can go here http://intheneutralzone.com/contributor/ and let us know if you are interested or email me at boone@rapideyemedia.org

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