The Lions’ Playoff Hopes Are Not Dead Yet

I’ll start off by saying this post almost completely contradicts my last post. The Lions may not be as good as we previously thought, but they’re almost certainly not as bad as we now think. General sentiment currently revolving around the Detroit Lions is that Bill O’Brien would make a good coach. Woah, wait, what? Last I checked, the Lions led the NFC North until this past weekend. Bad may have turned to worse, but the Lions haven’t even come close to being eliminated yet. The two teams that the Lions still have to face have wins over the Eagles, Steelers, Raiders, Packers, Redskins, Bears, and each other. That’s it. The Lions have only faced one of those teams this year that they did not beat at least once (blizzards don’t count). The Lions may be faltering, but these are games that the Lions should win with ease. These games aren’t measuring stick games like the Ravens game was and the Eagles game was supposed to be. These teams are considerably worse. Obviously, the Lions could very well lose either of these games, but I’m willing to chalk those up as wins. If they don’t win them, you can go ahead with your coaching search at that point.

The Lions currently sit 1/2 game back of the Bears and Packers. Assuming the Lions win their last 2 games, the Bears and Packers just need to each lose a game for the Lions to leapfrog them. And let’s not forget that these teams play each other in week 17. One of these teams is guaranteed a loss. If the Lions win out, they’re guaranteed 2nd place in the division. This situation is no worse than both the Bears and Packers were in just one week ago. The Lions just need one loss by one of these two teams next week – we’re just not sure which one. Add to this the still uncertain situation with Aaron Rodgers. The Packers could go from a complete pushover to a complete juggernaut overnight. Switching from Matt Flynn to Aaron Rodgers between the last 2 games sounds a whole lot like a loss followed by a win to me. That alone would win the Lions the division. Count the Lions out if you’d like. It’s easy enough to do so. But I’ve seen enough 4th quarter comebacks by the Lions these past few years to hold off on changing the channel just yet.


One thought on “The Lions’ Playoff Hopes Are Not Dead Yet

  1. Dan Bos says:

    Now we are dead, and so is Schwartz. I have no clue where we go from here, because all of our money is tied up in Stafford/CJ/Suh…

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