Detroit Lions Dance-Off: Week 1

This Sunday, the Lions got back to being themselves. They featured an explosive offense, a dangerous pass rush, a few glaring missed tackled, some good old fashioned boneheaded penalties, and plenty of sweet sweet dancing. In case you couldn’t guess from the title, this post is going to focus mostly on the last on that list, but first, I wanted to point out just how badly Reggie Bush toasted Chad Greenway with the following GIF I made.


This is the definition of breaking someone’s ankles. Reggie embarrassed Greenway to the point that he just gave up and laid down on the field. And this wasn’t the only time. This is just one example of at least half a dozen times Reggie just outclassed Greenway. Anyway, back to serious business: dancing.

The first glorious example is from possibly the most unexpected source, Joe Fauria. The undrafted rookie burst onto the touchdown celebration scene with the following unabashed display.

Judging by Lions fans on twitter, I don’t believe I’m alone in thinking that Tony Scheffler’s in-game production can be fairly easily replaced. With Joe Fauria impressing in training camp, the popular belief over the past month has been that he’d be more than capable of taking over Scheffler’s receiving TE/slot WR hybrid role. The one reservation that I had about Fauria was that he’d have to replace a pretty large celebration void. If this first touchdown dance is a sign of things to come, Joe Fauria should more than fill that void. What he lacks in well-rehearsed and topical humor, he makes up for in “really goin’ for it, whiteboy style” (this is a technical term).

The next solid display was put in by another rookie, Ziggy (I constantly forget that this is short for Ezekiel and instead think it’s short for Zigginald. I will now always call him Zigginald) Ansah. This dance followed his sack of Christian Ponder (not sure if this should be credited as a sack because I’m not sure that Ponder qualifies as a “quarterback” per se).

Apparently this is a Ghanaian dance called the Azonto. As I said above, it’s solid, although unspectacular. I love that he repped his home country and it does have a certain smoothness and rhythm to it, but at first glance I found it reminiscent of Techno Viking, which really got my hopes up (I’ve been campaigning for a Lion to do this against Minnesota for 2 years now).

Upon finding out that Zigginald was not performing Techno Viking, I had no choice but to downgrade his dance, if only just a little.

The next dance is our first example of a veteran on this list, with Nick Fairley busting out the tried and true Sprinkler move.

This dance got a decent amount of hype, probably because it channeled the “really goin’ for it, whiteboy style” of some of the Detroit Lions beat writers. Ahem, Kyle Meinke…

Despite the fanfare, the lack of proper technique kind of ruined this one for me. Anyway, moving on.

The final example in Lions celebrations today really caps this list off well. It combines a familiar idea (climbing into the crowd) with an innovative new celebration. Instead of the usual passive approach of the Lambeau leap, Joique Bell led the crowd in Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty By Nature.

Hopefully the Lions can continue to add to this pile of great celebrations with plenty more sacks and touchdowns throughout the season.


3 thoughts on “Detroit Lions Dance-Off: Week 1

  1. Finally you are back!!! I miss your writing

  2. Any predictions or wish-lists for dances in the future?

    • nwashuta says:

      I’d like to see what Patrick Edwards has to offer. Burleson has been a big supporter of his, so maybe he’s taught Pat a thing or two about dancing. Willie Young’s fishing dance is always one of my favorites, so I wonder if he’s changed it at all. Of course Joe Fauria because he’s shown his upside already.

      As far as specific dances against the cardinals, there doesn’t seem to be much topical to go on. I’d say one really over the top dance would be to Miley twerk on a ref (basically the same thing Robin Thicke was wearing). I don’t think anyone takes it there, but they’d be an instant TD dance legend.

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