Off Season, Off Topic: GIF Tournament III – Part 1

Hi everyone. So I know I’ve been an absent blogger. I haven’t written anything since the Lions still had a chance to not have a disaster season. Anyway, it’s the offseason now, so I’m going to post about something a little off topic – GIF tournament III over at sbnation. Typically, I get a lot of enjoyment out of these things. Basically, they pit all of the greatest GIFs of the year (or whatever time period) against each other in a bracket of 32. That’s a lot of GIFs, and a lot of repeating greatness, so I won’t embed them all here because I know how annoying they can be to load. So I’ll link you to the East Region and West Region and let you browse around for yourself. I’ll save this space for my own personal opinions and analyses. First of all, what does the bracket look like?

base bracketFor now, I’ll just leave this post short. I’ll let you familiarize yourself with these GIFs, and please do because there are some real greats. In future posts, I hope to provide analysis of how the matchups went down, who should have won, and perhaps an alternate reality with proper seeding (seriously, Carlos Boozer is a 15 seed?). Please, stay tuned, because there’s a lot to cover and it’ll be a whole lot of fun.


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