Don't talk about...


You kiddin' me?


I just hope we can win a game...

Not a game...

We talkin' 'bout practice, man.

Wait…mixed rants there for a second. (Jim Mora and Allen Iverson, in case you didn’t know)

So the Lions clinched a playoff birth for the first time since 1999. Time for some fist pumping…

But like this post began…don’t talk about playoffs. I just hope we can win a game.

It all comes down to week 17. Here’s how the playoff picture looks right now, excluding ties.

  • The Packers have clinched the #1 seed.
  • The #2/#3 seeds are the Saints and the 49ers.
  • The #4 seed is the NFC East winner (Giants or Cowboys).
  • The #5/#6 seeds are the Lions and Falcons.

For now, let’s say we don’t care about the top 2 seeds. They both get 1st round byes and for now…I just hope we can win a game. In the first round, the #3 seed plays the #6 seed and the #4 seed plays the #5 seed. In week 17, SF plays STL (the worst team in the NFC) and NO plays CAR, so I’ll work on the assumption that New Orleans is the #3 seed. In the choice between New Orleans and the Giants/Cowboys, I’ll take the latter any day of the week in the first playoff. To play that team, the Lions need to win or the Falcons need to lose next week. The Falcons play Tampa Bay next week (one of the weakest teams in the NFC), so like I said, I just hope we can win a game. With a win over the Packers next week, the Lions have an easier 1st round game, and hopefully a win. But if they fall to the Packers’ backups in Lambeauiouoeau, the Lions will have to go through essentially the best 2 teams in the NFC in the Saints and Packers to make the Superbowl. But no matter what happens, one thing I’m sure I’ll see within 3 weeks is something that we should all be able to appreciate…

For now, let’s just say the Lions need to hold back on celebrating…

…a hope for a little bit of luck.


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