Lions Almost-FightWatch: Tebowing up in your personal space

Elissa here. Nate is still on hiatus, so I’m back with my prediction for tomorrow’s game. I’m ill equipped to actually make predictions about the outcome of the game itself, but I love talking about fighting (I’m from Jersey), so I’d like to talk about what might happen tomorrow if tensions start running high and a brawl breaks out.

Last weekend, Tim Tebow dropped to one knee and prayed while his teammates celebrated an unlikely Denver victory over Miami, inspiring legions of fans to perform similar gestures in unlikely places, a trend now known as “Tebowing.”


I know Tim Tebow is a man of God, but I’m convinced that he’s ready to fight. Check out this his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (sorry about the ad):

I’m not convinced that Chuck Norris never taught Tebow the roundhouse kick. I suspect he might secretly know it and be concealing it as his secret weapon.

Tebow tries to look like a nice boy, but he can get a little crazy:

Last Sunday, Tebow kisssed Demaryius Thomas after Thomas caught a touchdown pass. So maybe he’s a lover, not a fighter, but still, if I were Jim Schwartz, I’d try my best to get my team motivated, just in case. I might even bring in this guy:


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