Maybe you’ve just stumbled onto this blog. Maybe someone referred you here. Maybe I forced you to look at it. In any event, you’re probably wondering who I am and why you should be reading this blog.

First thing’s first. My name is Nate. I’m from New Jersey and go to school in Maryland, so apart from my dad (the source of my madness), I’ve never met another lions fan. I’ve only been a fan since the Harrington/Mooch era and I don’t remember a GM before Matt Millen. Only God knows what has kept me going, but I love football even when it’s tough to stomach the results.

This blog exists because I’m a hardcore Detroit Lions fan and can’t get enough analysis of previous games and predictions for what’s coming next. So I decided to look deeper into the games myself. Apart from Thanksgiving Day every year, I didn’t get to see a lions game until I discovered—via the magic of the interwebs—(shhhh) illegal streaming. I’ve been trying to find a (legal) way to watch my beloved lions without a DirecTV subscription and wads of cash for a while now and just recently stumbled upon NFL Game Rewind. I can’t see the games live, but for 1/10th the price of NFL Sunday Ticket, it’s not a bad option. As a mechanical engineer with access to all the game tape I can stand, I’m planning on doing statistical analysis of situational football (how they performed in certain formations, how their play calling and success changed based on quarter, point differential, down and distance, etc.), in depth analysis of certain formations, and previewing the strengths and weaknesses of upcoming opponents. I’d rather not do the same old game reviews and previews, as you’ll probably get some much better ones from Pride of Detroit or The Lions in Winter, so hopefully I’ll provide something different than what’s out there and carve out a niche of my own. I’ll try to get a post or two up by tomorrow morning, but I got a late start on this week, so I may just push things back to next week. As for the appearance of the blog, I’m new to wordpress, so bear with me.


2 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Elissa says:

    I’m liking the clean look. Looks like the affinity for stats got passed down on our father’s side for you, like notebook hoarding for me. Nice work.

  2. Uncle Johnny says:


    You know more about Lions football than their damn coaching staff!! Not to mention talking head Matt Millen. (Please don’t mention Matt Millen).
    I am proud to be your Uncle and I will definitely refer this blog to all my friends who are Lions fans. (When I finally meet one.)
    Keep up the good work. I hope the Browns are on your schedule this year so I can understand why they lost.
    Uncle John
    PS- If you ever start a UFO blog, let me know.
    PPPSSs- Elissa, please send this to Nate cause I don’t know how to blog. Thanks.

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